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More About Us

RUDES is a community based non-profitable, non-political and non-government voluntary charity organization. In 2007 it is registered with Social Welfare Department of Barisal & others authority. Though initially ” RUDES ” was set up to ensure women’s right & leadership, at present ” RUDES ” is conducting the actives like women empowerment & leadership, safe water supply & sanitation, preserving rights for women and children, legal aid support and education, literacy, education for the underprivileged, Early childhood Development, reproductive health education for the adolescents, HIV/AIDS and STI prevention, disable development, preserving civic and human rights, combating violence against women and children etc. All the activities are conducted according to its approved Constitution. The organization is accountable to its stakeholders, community people and Executive Council. Within many years, RUDES becomes one of the reputed, accountable and sincere organizations in Barisal districts in southern part of Bangladesh. The organization is now also equipped with capable and skilled manpower, adequate facilities & materials, latest information technology system, communication modules etc. With the pace of time, RUDES is also looking forward for an even better tomorrow both for itself and its Community poor peoples.

All member of ” RUDES ” are very much committed to establish Social values, Human Rights, Gender Equity, Exploitation free society, Change the attitudes and behavior of old traditional human life. Up to bottom participatory development process is our strategy and the beneficiaries are main development agent of ” RUDES” there are lot of peoples has been losing their lands continuously by the river erosion and become landless and homeless. At the present ” RUDES” is implementing different multi development activities through financial and technical support of local and various donors.