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  1. The overall goal of the organization is to establish a right based society for the disadvantaged people. The specific objectives of the organization are the following.
  2. To ensure women’s rights of decision making at different levels and increase their participation in income generating activities as well as creating leadership.
  3. To concretize and build capacity of the poor people,
  4. To provide educational facilities to the children, adolescents and illiterate adults for increasing literacy rate,
  5. To build self-capital and group fund/Capital,
  6. To create employment and income earning opportunities for the targeted poor people,
  7. To organize and form poor people’s institutions,
  8. To empower and establish the poor women in the society.
  9. To promote social justice, peace and harmony through establishing human rights, legal rights and fundamental rights among the mass people.
  10. To promote good governance in the society.
  11. To reduce gender discriminations in the community people,
  12. To concretize people on environment development and develop environmental condition of the operational areas,
  13. To develop future citizen of the country,
  14. To reduce drug addiction and anti-social activities,
  15. To prevent child and women trafficking, violence against women.
  16. To integrate the poor people in the main stream of national development activities,
  17. To involve women into economic and productive activities,
  18. To undertake intensive agriculture development activities and introduce modern techniques and HYV seeds and seedlings,
  19. To undertake intensive nursery development, social a forestation, homestead gardening and environment development,
  20. To introduce nutrition gardening for nutritional status development,
  21. To conduct disaster preparedness and management activities etc.
  22. To undertake income & employment generation activities for poor people,
  23. To introduce modern scientific technologies for different purposes,
  24. To improve fisheries resources in the operational areas,
  25. To ensure best utilization of local available resources,
  26. To ensure social justice and harmony in the society,
  27. To improve the rural health, water sanitation and environmental status,
  28. To increase agricultural production,
  29. To innovate new development technologies and transfer among the organized people.